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BTC’s 5 Bull Runs

Many people will think there have only been 2 bull runs for Bitcoin but there actually have been 5.

Bull runs are rises in price for an asset. The definition of these bull runs can be very different from person to person or technical analysis. For this analysis it’ll just consider big jumps where any crash afterwards doesn’t bring the price lower than the last high.

We are living in the 5th bull run right now (at the time of writing this article). The current bull run started in December 2020. Some could argue that this bull run actually ended May of 2021. Only time will tell actually.

The bull runs for Bitcoin were in May 2010, February 2011, Nov 2013, March 2017, and the one we are in now.

The Bull Runs

May 2010 brought BTC value from nearly nothing (less than $0.0001 USD) to $0.01.

February 2011 brought BTC to $1.00. [approximately a 10,000x jump]

April 2013 BTC to $141.96. [approximately 142x jump]

November 2013 BTC to $1127.45 (some will consider this and April 2013’s run as one long run…. similiar to how 2021’s bull run might be extended too) [approximately a 8x jump]

December 2017 BTC $19,423 [approximately a 17x jump]

April 2021 BTC to $63,576 [approximately a 3x jump… currently… if the bulls continue to run… what will the multiplier be? regardless it’s happiness for those that invest]

October 2021 BTC to $66,237

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