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Recruiting New Members/Contributors

What is the Crypto Scope Initiative (CSI)?

Not to be confused with the popular TV Series and Spinoffs, the Crypto Scope Initiative is a Non-Profit Organization based in the United States, dedicated to using the power of cryptocurrency and decentralized finance to build up the economy and infrastructure of El Salvador. Specifically within the Utilities, Telecommunications, and Industrial Sector.

Donations are welcome, and a bitcoin address will be added soon once we recruit and employ a treasurer.

Who we are looking for

We are currently looking for

  1. Content authors
  2. Public relations officers
  3. Government contributors, such as grants and easements
  4. SOC Analysts / IT Personnel
  5. Market Research Analysts
  6. Treasurers
  7. Crypto-focused investors
  8. Lobbyists
  9. Wealth-fund managers
  10. Civil/Mechanical/Electrical Engineers
  11. Recruiters
  12. Financial Contributions

Please contact us by leaving behind a comment and a short introduction on what role you would like to be. Our agents will contact you by email to determine your fit within our organization and present you with a job description.

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